Here is a running list of my thanksgivings.

Thank You for…

1. revelation and insight, to know and understand You better.

2. waking my faith from its deep slumber.

3. opening my eyes to the possibilities of real relationship with you.

4. bringing me rest after an exhausting day of sluggishness.

5. caring enough to wait for me when I choose to run away.

6. showing me the value of simplicity.

7. raising up people around me to make Your love known to me.

8. raising up people around me who have their own love for me.

9. the profoundness of Your wisdom and the might of Your love.

10. Your sacrifice for me.

11. the artistic nature of Your creation.


12. the ability to bring mirth and laughter

13. the opportunity to use my gifts to glorify You

14. inside jokes and shared memories

15. growth in the midst of pain

16. using my pain to bless others

17. acting

18. singing

19. getting to use the previous two so often

20. a new home

21. amazing friends who never cease to amaze me

22. Your great and merciful love


23. stories

24. the ability to muse

25. divine inspiration


leading worship

getting to follow You

getting to be disturbed and disrupted

growth in the last year


friends to vent to

the trading of sorrow and frustration for joy


my surrender



moving forward


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