Posted by: musingsofthemund | November 13, 2012

Engaged! Part IV

…and now for the exciting conclusion of the engagement of Holli and Edmund! Did she say yes or no? I’m sitting on the edge of my seat!!!

Alright, so back to the proposal. So we had the place to ourselves and I decided it was time. Now I finally started getting a little nervous. I set up the camera and tripod under the guise of taking picures of us some more and tried to covertly turn on the video recording. Then I kind of dilly dallied for a bit trying to work up the courage to do this thing. After a few minutes I pulled a heart shaped bowl that Holli had given me at Valentine’s day and set it on the ground between us and started playing with my phone, which had the music track on it for my song (I wanted to have learned how to play it myself, but I am nowhere near good enough to play much of anything on there so that wasn’t an option. Thankfully, Cliff put a track together on Garage Band on his iPad.). After some more stalling, I finally hit the play button and set the phone in the bowl. (I used the bowl as an amplifier). Before I even hit the first chorus, I was starting to get really emotional. I flubbed the words a couple of times and barely got through the song, but I did. The song naturally lead into the proposal with the last few lines being

now all that’s left

a simple question dear

I’m on my knee

it’s the one you want to hear

so as I sung that, I got on my knee and pulled out the ring box. The song finished and I professed my love to Holli, opened the box, and asked Holli the question she’d been waiting to hear. She said yes and we embraced. I was laugh-crying, mostly to keep myself from sobbing, being totally overwhelmed by emotion and even Holli was pretty emotional. All in all, it was pretty beautiful.

Holli had said she was nervous about the whole kissing thing so rather than waiting and telling her I was going to kiss her and allowing a lot of anxiety to happen, I decided to just go for it and awkwardly kissed her. It was very awkward. In the best possible way. We laughed and hugged some more. We tried kissing several more times and she kept laughing because we were so bad at it. Holli tried calling our friend Kim to tell her about our engagement (she was the last to find out about our being in a relationship when that all went down and so we told her we’d tell her first about our engagement when that happened) but we got her voicemail. So we left a message and then Holli called to tell Katelyn. That conversation didn’t get too far before the call dropped though. We took more pictures of us hugging and of the ring, and even a few kissy shots and then we packed up (about an hour after the proposal) and went back to my car. I still kind of wanted to try to make it to West Fork, but it was already getting dark so we decided to at least drive up that far to see the leaves and decide whether to stop and go in or not when we got closer. I called my parents and D to tell them the good news while we were driving.

We got to West Fork and then promptly turned around, having decided that it probably wasn’t worth the 9 dollars we’d have to pay to get in when we’d only end up staying for thirty minutes or so. We continued to enjoy the beautiful leaves (which for some reason looked cooler on the way back) and the scent of the forest coming in through my rolled down windows. We decided to stop in downtown Sedona for a little while to make a few more phone calls to people and to just hang out for a bit. After parking, we found a table outside to sit at and Holli called her parents and then her sister. I called Greg and then tried calling my brother but he was busy and didn’t pick up. There was a little coffee shop (well it was more of a little booth, really) right by where we were hanging out and since it was getting chilly, I wanted to see if they had any hot cocoa. They did, so I got some for both Holli and myself. It was pretty gourmet and delicious, made with steamed milk. No lame powdery mix here! After that we crossed the street and went to Earthbound Trading Company, one of my favorite places in Sedona to look around in. It’s kind of a random sort of place and it always makes me think of hippies. Holli found a human heart jello mold and when we discovered it was only 3 bucks I told her I’d get it for her and I did. After that, we decided to make our way back home, stopping at both her parents’ house and mine on the way. We could stop talking about how happy and excited we were about the way the day had gone on the drive. The drive went quickly and we went to Holli’s parents’ house (since it was on the way to my parents’) and showed off the ring for a little bit and told them a bit about how the day went. After that we went to see my mom and dad (and D too!) and show them the ring as well. They oohed and ahhed over it and welcomed Holli to the family. From there we stopped at Carl’s Jr. to grab some dinner and went home to relax (and catch up on Fringe!) after an exciting, eventful day.


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