Posted by: musingsofthemund | November 6, 2012

Engaged! Part III

Part 3 of the exciting adventure of Hollimund’s engagement!

We parked the car there in one of like two spots left in the dirt parking lot, I paid for parking, and we got on the trail. We hiked about a quarter of a mile or so and go to the point of the trail where we could continue on on the baldwin loop or go off a little bit and find our way to Oak Creek. We opted for the latter and when we got there, there were quite a few people around. This spot is pretty much (at least in my opinion) the most beautiful spot on (or by) the trail and I’d say one of the most picturesque locations in Sedona. Oak Creek flowed by and around some flat slabs of rock that stuck up just a little bit out of the creek in a few spots such that there was water on both sides. In the distance was Cathedral Rock. Seriously. One of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever seen. There were children playing in the water, and a bunch of people meditating in the middle of it all, but Holli and I made our way to the end of a kind of peninsula in the middle of the creek where we hugged and enjoyed the view for a bit. I set up my tripod and we took a few pictures. It was pretty warm, so we eventually moved to a shadier spot for a little bit to sit down and just rest and enjoy the beauty for a bit. We eventually decided to go on hiking for a while and then work our way back there later to have our picnic lunch there. So we got back to the Baldwin loop for a little while and after reaching another fork, opted to go on the Cathedral Rock trail for a little while instead of continuing on Baldwin. We hadn’t explored this trail before and thought it would be a fun little adventure. As it turned out we got to see some of the best leaves we had seen all day on that trail (they hadn’t all completely started changing yet althought there were lots of light greens/yellows throughout) and it ended up running alongside oak creek. After lots of pictures and hiking for a bit, we turned back. When we were approaching the spot to go to our spot by the creek again, Holli decided she needed to go to the bathroom. There was one at the trailhead, but that was a quarter mile out of the way. I wasn’t going to tell her no, though, so we hiked back over there, she went, and then we went back to our spot. There were much fewer people when we got there then than there were earlier so that was nice. It was also more shady. We went to our spot on the peninsula and sat down to eat our lunch. While we were eating, this guy who had brought his dogs made his way onto the rocks about 50 feet away from us and both of the dogs came over to say hello to us at various points (probably because we had food). The little chihuahua puked a little bit by Holli and it sounded just like her dad’s dog, a super fat boston terrier named Prince charming. It was amusing. So we finished eating and as we did, I noticed that the area had emptied. We were the only ones there. When I saw that, I realized that this was probably providence and that I should do the proposal here and now.

One thing I forgot to mention. I had known since long before I’d even met Holli that I wanted to write a song as part of my proposal. I can write lyrics and come up with a tune in my head, but actually coming up with the music and figuring out how to play it was another story. So inspiration finally hit me about a month before this and I had the lyrics and melody figured out in my head. I knew I was going to need help with the music, so I turned to Cliff, our young adults worship leader to help me a couple of weeks before the proposal. It wasn’t a really complicated song, but I was still amazed at how quickly and perfectly he was able to help me get the music for the song out of my head and into real life. I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to collaborate with people with my music so for this to be happening was just incredible. I think I started getting a little emotional when he started playing it and I was just like “That’s it. That’s the song.” So that was super cool.



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