Posted by: musingsofthemund | October 30, 2012

Engaged! Part II

The continuing chronicle of the engagement of Hollimund…

Tuesday brought with it another exciting moment. I had purchased the ring a couple of weeks prior to this, however it was in the store being resized and I finally got the call to come in and pick it up. I was pretty excited as I went to the mall to go get it. I presented my claim ticket and they got it and gave it to me. Having the ring in hand, it made things feel more real. This was really happening! Thursday I eagerly waited for Holli to go to small group and receive her fourth letter. It was given to her in front of the group. That made me happy. She was still loving the letters. Those first four letters were based on a list I had written several years ago (before I knew Holli) of what was important to me in a future spouse. Holli managed to fit all of the must haves and only missed one of the nice-to-haves. I picked three must-haves for each letter and pasted them there and then wrote, thanking her for being those things and reflecting on the goodness of God to give me a woman like her. Friday night I went to school to pick her up. We were going to her best friend Katelyn’s graduation but we had some time so we went to her parents’ house where she found the fifth letter. This one was a little different. It was one I had written in 2010 while I was doing a week-long media fast. One of the activities the Lord had given me to do during that time was to write a letter to my future spouse detailing how I would never need, want, or love her more than I would God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. It was just the kind of thing Holli wanted to hear and she appreciated it. Given that that was the fifth and final letter, she had all the pieces to the clue puzzle.









She puzzled over it trying to figure it out and I eventually started helping her until she got it. It was a simple synonym substitution (well, maybe not so simple). Hairless=bald victory=win baldwin. The name of the trail we had hiked in February in Sedona. I played dumb still, insinuating that I still wasn’t sure what we’d be doing the next day, although assuring her that we were doing something. After she figured that out, we went to my place for a bit so I could get ready and she could make a card for Katelyn’s graduation. While there I grabbed some tic tacs and popped a bunch in my mouth and then I offered her some. One of the decisions we had made early on in our relationship was not to kiss until we were engaged, so it was clear that I was toying with her a bit. She got a little annoyed and freaked out a bit until she got out of me that I wasn’t proposing that night. My misdirection tactics were still proving fun and effective. I guess I should stop and say that my motivation in the misdirection was one of fun, to give us a good/fun story about not just the proposal itself, but the time leading up to it. So we went to the graduation and had a good time. Finally, we had gotten to the big day. She had a pretty good idea that we were going to Sedona so I decided to drop the subterfuge for the most part. We went to Chik Fil-a for breakfast first, a tradition of ours before we go on road trips and then were on our way. I made us listen to snow patrol cd I had recently gotten before putting on our road trip staple: Gungor. Holli had just bought the new live CD so we put that one on. After enjoying a nice drive up, we got to Oak Creek Village (Village? town? I don’t really remember what it’s called). I pulled into the parking lot of a gas station near a wendys and a subway and I told her we were going into subway to grab some sandwiches. I told her we weren’t eating them then, though, but that we’d save them for later since we were still full from breakfast. After we did that, I got back on the road and started going back the way we came, joking “well, that was a good trip!” Actually, I just had to go a little past the turn off to the road leading the Baldwin trail to get to subway. I turned onto the road and her suspicions were confirmed. Now, at this point, I had had several ideas of how/when to propose in mind. While I had initially decided on doing it at a special place just off the baldwin trail, I had also toyed with doing it at west fork, or even waiting til we got home just for the sake of continuing the misdirection and to keep her from totally figuring it out. I didn’t actually decide for sure to do it there until a few minutes before I did it, but more on that in a little bit.


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