Posted by: musingsofthemund | October 23, 2012

Engaged! Part I

Are you all ready for another tetrology??? Enjoy a four part account of how my engagement with the beautiful, amazing Holli Charnstrom came to be!

So technically, the genesis of my engagement proposal came back in February. We had visted a new trail in Sedona on my birthday that turned out to be a place that Holli had seen in pictures and had always wanted to go to. When she told me that, I knew that I’d be bringing her back here to put a ring on her finger eventually. But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. So we had talked about getting engaged sometime during the fall, and I knew that I wanted to at least try somewhat to surprise Holli (even though I had a feeling she was going to be able to figure out most of the basic details) so I opted to start dropping hints about possibilities and play dumb, trying to throw some red herrings and suggestions I had no plans to actually follow. I wanted to keep her on her toes a little bit and I think it’s safe to say I succeeded. By the time it got closer, I definitely had her at least a little bit paranoid about when it could be happening.I had been doing thinking about the proposal I wanted to do for months and one of the things I wanted to do was get a series of letters to her in the week or couple of weeks leading up to my proposal. My original plan was to have several of her friends deliver letters to her at random times over that period of time, but I ended up hiding them for her to find instead, with the exception of one which I gave to her small group leader to deliver to her during her small group. I hid the first one by her bathroom sink when I dropped her off back at school two weeks before the proposal. She found it shortly after I left and seemed pretty pleased. I should probably note that I hid a bit of a puzzle/code/hint in these letters. Each letter had three randomly capitalized/bolded letters within the text. She was also intrigued by this and had suspicions that there might be more letters coming. She was not disappointed. I hid the second letter for her to find when we went on a date the following Friday (8 days before the proposal for those keeping track at home). I decided to recreate our first date (Macayos and then Bowling– I even wore the same outfit!) for the fun of it and also as part of my misdirection campaign. I hid the letter in her bowling ball bag. Yes, she has her own bowling ball which I find to be awesome and amusing. She was definitely wondering if the proposal was coming that night and her best friend “had a feeling” something was going to happen that night. I’m not gonna lie, that filled me with glee. There’s something fun about planning a surprise and knowing the details whilst watching the recipient try to figure them out. Much to my disappointment, we got through the date and she hadn’t discovered it yet. We went back to my place. I had thought that perhaps she had suspected that there was something in there so I asked if she was planning to bring the ball back to GCU or if I should bring it inside and she said to just bring it inside. She was making this a little bit difficult. I eventually not-so-subtly suggested she check inside the bag. I think she put her bowling shoes in there with the ball and I asked if she needed to air them out at all or something. She gave me a weird look and started catching on that there might be something in the bag and investigated. Success! Letter two was found! I hid the third letter in her backpack that Sunday while we were carrying things back from my car to her apartment. I believe she discovered it later that evening. As mentioned before, I had also given the fourth letter to her small group leader earlier that evening at The Exchange to be given to Holli at small group. Monday came and it was time to tackle one of the things I’d been putting off til then: Asking Holli’s parents for their blessing to ask her to marry me. So after work that night, I called her dad and at first I don’t think he recognized me (I don’t think we’d talked on the phone more than once or twice before) but I told him I’d like to come over and chat and so we set a time later that evening. I had to go for my workout and figured I would just run over to their house (since it was pretty close). I got there and sat on the couch opposite Holli’s mom and dad and we engaged in some small talk for a few minutes before I got to tell them why I was there. I asked for their blessing and received it. Her mom cried with joy. It was a beautiful moment. After that we talked about Holli, some of my plans for the future and other random stuff and I ran home, but not before setting the fifth and final letter on Holli’s pillow there.


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