Posted by: musingsofthemund | December 5, 2007

A Drowning

Current mood: drowning?

He sat against the wall isolated, alone.

He wasn’t sure how long he would be kept here, but it was beginning to feel quite lonely.

This was not to last for long, however. Not because he was to be joined by someone else, but because the floodgates opened.


Two panels at the top of the wall slid open to reveal two pipes; out of which a stream of water began to spray out. This wasn’t a little stream, mind you, it was more like a roaring river, a fire hydrant, anything but the tranquility suggested by the word stream.

Before he could even grasp what was happening, the water was already up to his ankles. There were no windows, and the door seemed to be quite airtight.

Were they crazy?! They were just going to drown him in here?

He ran to the door quickly and started screaming and banging on it.

Unsurprisingly, no one responded. He was all alone in here.

The water was up to his knees now as he looked frantically around the room. There was nothing here. No means for escape. Unless the water stopped, he was going to die. And the water certainly didn’t seem to be letting up.

He began to tense up with fear. Of all the means of death he had imagined, he’d hoped for something quick and painless. Drowning did not seem like it fit that description.

The water reached his waist as he pounded fruitlessly on the door some more, his throat raw from screaming. He backed away from the door, shaking his head.

“No… no, this isn’t happening… this ISN’T HAPPENING. LET ME OUT!”

Apparently, it WAS happening.

“God… help me, save me, do something, I don’t know what else to do. The water is rising so fast– HELP ME,” he cried out.

The water was now at the base of his shoulders and would very quickly fill the rest of the room.

“Jesus, I know you’re listening, I know you’re with me, so what’s going on? Are you going to save me? Or is this it? Am I to drown here, alone and away from everything???”

No response. Instead, he found himself kicking now to keep his head above the rising waters as they neared the ceiling. He swam to one of the pipes, now reachable, and tried to cover it with his hands, but found the force of the water pressure only pushed him the middle of the room. There was only a foot between the water and the ceiling now.

Maybe rescue would arrive at the last minute, he thought, as he fought the feeling of impending doom building in his chest.

His clothes and shoes weighed him down, and he could barely keep his head above the water, gasping for air every time he broke the surface. He kicked his shoes off and did his best to tear off the shirt he was wearing, but there were only a few inches of air left in here now and fear was giving way to complete terror.

Tears were coming out of his eyes and he took in every last breath he could get. Finally, after one last gasp, there was no longer room to get what little air was left. He swam to the door again and banged on it as hard as he could in the water, which ultimately proved futile, yet again.

His lungs were burning with a need for oxygen. He certainly couldn’t hold his breath for long in even the best of conditions and this was hardly ideal.

He swallowed, knowing that this was it, and opened his mouth and breathed in water. His lungs, not receiving the air they so desired burned as the water choked them. He coughed and choked under the water, but his struggle didn’t last very long. After a few painful seconds which felt like eternity, he passed out and his body began to shut down without oxygen. His body sunk to the ground, now motionless. Drowned.



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